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Thermal Engineering Group
Serves as Project Contract Administrator for
Nashville District Energy System

Major Pipeline Projects
Major Pipeline Projects

TEG and its staff have provided management, oversight and engineering services for more than 178 miles of district energy pipelines. We have directly provided services for developed, design and construction services for more than 50 miles of new district energy pipeline construction.

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District Heating And Cooling (DHC)

District heating and cooling makes it easier and more cost effective to take advantage of multiple fuel sources in a volatile fuel market where fuel flexibility means reduced energy costs.

Combined Heat And Power (CHP)

Thermal Engineering Group has been actively involved in the successful design, development, construction, operation and maintenance of 17 cogeneration and combined cycle projects.​

Biomass / Waste-to-energy (WTE)

WTE is the only renewable energy technology that provides communities with dual environmental benefits: a clean source of electricity and clean trash disposal.

Engineering District Heating and Cooling, Combined Heat and Power, and Waste To Energy

Thermal Engineering Group, Inc. has entered its 30th year as an independent consulting and design engineering firm focused on serving the specialized project needs of utility, industrial, institutional and municipal energy centers and central plants. Thermal Engineering Group has extensive project experience in the District Heating and Cooling (DHC), Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Waste-to-Energy (WTE) industries.

We perform district energy services under conventional contracts for short-term consulting or longer term design, implementation and ongoing operation engagements.

years of district Energy System experience give us valuable insight

We serve our clients’ District Heating and Cooling, Waste-to-Energy and Co-generation project needs by performing the professional services necessary to develop, design and engineer, operate and maintain facilities relating to these industries. Our years of experience give us valuable insight into performing these services in the most-technically efficient and cost-effective manner.

highly-qualified professionals WitH District Heating and Cooling expertise

TEG offers expertise in the clean and efficient production, utilization and dispatch of energy including steam, chilled water, high temperature hot water and electricity whether produced from fossil fuels, biomass, process waste heat or combustible wastes. TEG is well qualified in defining, developing and deploying the technical, practical and economical application of thermal energy for industrial, utility, institutional and municipal environments.


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