Daniel P. Coyle

President, Senior Design Manager

Experienced design manager with over forty-five (45) years of design and engineering experience with power boilers, piping, process systems and mechanical systems and equipment. Design and construction management experience in solid waste and fossil fuel-fired systems, gas turbine, nuclear and hydro-energy systems, energy management, energy conservation and materials-handling systems and equipment.

Jon B. Belcher, P.E.

V.P., Senior Project Manager

Experienced professional engineer with thirty-six (36) years of experience involving district heating and cooling systems, central heating and cooling plants, waste-to-energy plants, cogeneration, distribution system/piping, air permitting and compliance, air pollution control systems, conversion of systems to alternate solid fuels, feasibility analysis/economic evaluations, solid waste disposal and planning, materials recovery systems and production cost estimating.

Kevin Jacobs, P.E.

Senior Project Engineer

Experienced professional engineer with twenty (20) years of experience involving design, construction and operation of district heating and cooling systems, cogeneration, waste-to-energy plants. His experience also includes the development of feasibility analyses, economic and life cycle cost evaluations of proposed and existing facilities, chilled water, hot water and steam hydraulics, biomass gasification modeling and design and project cost estimating. This experience has included DHC system operations optimization, energy generation and distribution system maintenance, life extension and capital improvements.

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