District Cooling Engineering and System Design, Operations and Maintenance

District cooling systems deliver efficient, cost-effective air conditioning to a network of buildings. Therefore, these systems serve facilities in specific districts of many cities and some campuses. Central cooling plants generate chilled water for the system.  Moreover, efficient, large-scale chillers produce chilled water with great energy efficiency. Next, large pumps deliver the chilled water to customer buildings through a network of insulated pipes.  Then, chilled water passes through heat-exchangers. As a result, the process extracts heat from the building and sends chilled air throughout the facility as needed. Following the exchange, the chilled water is pumped back to the central plant through a return line. 

Thermal Engineering Group brings vast district cooling engineering experience and expertise in project design, construction and ongoing operations to every project. They also work as district cooling consultants in planning and administering projects.


Chilled Water Pump Motors

Large pump motors provide chilled water to buildings

Heat exchangers deliver district cooling using chilled water from a centralized plant.

This chilled water main extension and chilled water cross-over provide for future chilled water return extension for the Music City Center, Nashville Tennessee.

Wet taps of 24” chilled water piping that serves the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and new 24” chilled water pipeline crossing the National Mall to serve the National Gallery for Art, Washington D.C.