District Heating Solutions

Thermal Engineering Group focuses on district heating design, engineering, consulting and ongoing operational support. District heating systems generate heat in a centralized location or plant and distribute that heat among multiple different buildings. Heat is transmitted through insulated pipelines in the form of steam energy. The steam heat provides space or water heating for commercial and residential requirements.

These systems serve major metropolitan districts often encompassing large portions of a city. In addition, campuses such as medical centers and universities often employ district heating. Thermal Engineering Group works with major metropolitan clients, institutional clients, and commercial/industrial clients that operate these systems providing services in almost every aspect of their operation.

The large-scale systems deliver numerous customer benefits including higher efficiencies and better pollution control than localized boilers. District Heating also offers greater collective purchasing power for heating fuels, lower upfront capital costs for new facility construction and increased space utilization in new buildings.

Thermal Engineering Group is a leading design engineer and consulting firm in the design, construction and ongoing operation of district heating solutions.  Our firm has worked extensively on more than forty centralized steam and chilled water plants in the U. S. including work on the more than 125 miles of pipelines distributing energy from those plants to customer facilities.

District Heating Steam To Buildings

District Heating Steam To Buildings