Overall Integrated Experience

  • 44+ Central steam and chilled water plants
    500 to 17,000 ton cooling capacity
    25,000 to 1,000,000 lbs./hr. steam generation capacity
  • 125 + Miles of distribution systems for steam, condensate, chilled water and high temperature hot water
  • 18 CHP Plants using Co-generation technology from 0.5 MW to 11 MW  
  • 16 CHP Plants using Waste-to-Energy technology from 50 TPD to 1,500 TPD
  • Air emission remediation and retrofit

Large district systems such as GSA-HOTD Washington DC, Nashville DHC, Cleveland DHC, Detroit DHC, Boston DHC, San Francisco DHC, TVA and U.S. Army, to smaller-sized communities such as Hamilton, OH, Gallatin, TN, Western Kentucky University and Berea, KY

Economic Studies and Rate Studies

  • Capital and operating cost analysis/budgeting; demand & supply side
  • Economic comparison of alternatives (cost/benefit)
  • Energy Audit and Cost of Service Analysis
  • Cost comparison studies, central plant facilities vs. decentralized cost of service
  • Economic and technical review for third party financing of facilities
  • Energy contract development, preparation and negotiations

System Design Concept Alternatives

  • Central chilled water systems involving conventional and non-conventional technologies and prime-movers, including back pressure and condensing steam turbines, combustion turbines, reciprocating engines, electric motors, etc.
  • Conventional and non-conventional variations of thermal cycles for optimization of system efficiency for steam production and dispatch.
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) and adaptation of co-generation alternatives to existing central heating and cooling plants.

Distribution System Experience

  • Tunnel systems, direct buried systems and above-grade systems
  • Low, medium and high-pressure steam and condensate piping systems
  • High temperature hot water systems
  • Chilled water systems
  • Piping system stress and network hydraulic analysis programs
  • Integration of DHC distribution with plant process and final user

Interface Between Distribution System and Building Uses

  • Hydraulic analysis – high rise vs. low rise, decoupled systems
  • Control system and equipment selection for variable and constant flow systems
  • Custody transfer, BTU metering of chilled water, hot water and steam
  • Coordinating and troubleshooting existing system interface

Environmental, Regulatory and Permitting

  • Analysis and permitting of fossil fuel plants for Title V compliance
  • Analysis and permitting of waste-to-energy plants, hospital waste incinerators and emission retrofit system for Clean Air Act Compliance
  • Analysis and permitting for renewable solid fuels

Operations and Maintenance Experience

  • Providing day-to-day support in the operation and maintenance of many of our largest nationally recognized central district, CHP and WTE plant clients enables us to incorporate hands-on experience into the design of facilities to maximize reliability and operability while reducing operating and maintenance cost.
  • New facilities commissioning, start-up and training support services are enhanced as a result of our extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of large central utility plants, DHC plants, CHP plants and WTE facilities.