Thermal Engineering Group (TEG) meets the specialized project needs of district heating and cooling and combined heat and power customers. We have served utility, industrial, institutional and municipal clients in these areas for three decades. As a result, we can offer extensive design engineering and ongoing operation support services for District Heating and Cooling (DHC), Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Waste-to-Energy (WTE) industries.

As a project management, consulting and design engineer, Thermal Engineering Group comprises highly-qualified professionals offering focused expertise. We specialize in district energy. We help our clients with clean and efficient production, utilization and dispatch of energy. Projects include steam, chilled water, high temperature hot water and electricity production and distribution. These can be produced from fossil fuels, biomass, process waste heat or combustible wastes. We have broad experience In Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and District Heating and Cooling (DHC). Furthermore, staff possesses in-depth knowledge of conventional and non-conventional production equipment. TEG team members also have diverse Waste To Energy backgrounds.  Thermal Engineering Group is particularly well qualified in defining and developing the technical, practical and economical application of thermal energy for industrial, utility, institutional and municipal environments.

Our project management style employs tools and sophistication not typically available in an organization of our size. We afford our clients comprehensive services without the burden of extensive overhead costs. TEG employs planning, scheduling, estimating and project cost accounting techniques coupled with databases developed from years of experience in the construction industry.

Thermal Engineering Group offers innovative and comprehensive solutions to our clients' specialized needs. Our experiences in actual plant operations and management provide us with a perspective not ordinarily available through traditional engineering consultants. As our clients know, theoretical solutions at times are not compatible with actual field conditions and requirements.

Our experiences providing engineering services to numerous DHC, CHP and WTE facilities bolster our capabilities to deliver exceptional system design and performance to our clients. TEG’s utilization of state-of-the-art software and hardware along with our library of historic project data allows us to respond precisely, expeditiously and economically by eliminating detailed background studies and needlessly expensive learning curves.